Rethinking Reality PART I

January 31, 2006

That on-line personality test has confirmed what everyone around me has known all along, and what I had feared all along:

I have absolutely no real sense of reality.

I live in a dream-like world fit for five-year olds. I thrive on happenstance and pure good fortune. (Fortune tellers have always told me I was born under a mighty lucky star.) My decisions are devoid of objective reality. I am a totally uncool, spoiled, friggin’ child going on 29!

To remedy this, I will hereby examine my current (mis)understanding of “reality,” analyze where I might be (dead) wrong, and propose concrete measures to bring myself to a more objective understanding of reality.

First, consider TIME.

A typical weekday: Hina spends 7.5 hours at her day job and then dawdles for as much as 1.5 hours more, wasting precious time that she can otherwise use to read or write. She spends another 2.5 hours commuting to and from work. She loves to fall asleep on trains and buses. She also loves to fall asleep in the bathtub and takes baths twice a day: another good 2 hours down the drain. Tuesdays she takes saxophone lessons for an hour. Saturdays she teaches English for an hour. 2 hours eating/talking on the phone/watching TV, plus 2 more hours blogging and surfing, leaves a total of merely 6 hours between sleeping and writing — which doesn’t exactly spell out diligence for a writer aspiring towards authorhood.

No wonder I’m not getting anywhere with my writings! I don’t write because I don’t even try hard enough to make time to write!

What to do?

  1. Unless someone’s dear life depended on it, leave the day job as soon as the clock strikes 16:00. Seriously, no one needs me at the office as much as I would like to think.

  2. READ while commuting.

  3. WRITE instead of complaining about stupid TV shows.

  4. Realize that time is precious. Every second wasted is a life less satisfying.

Really, I should have asked these questions 20 years ago.

But as Amnesty International’s Secretary General Irene Khan puts it, if we ask the right questions we’ll get to the right solutions. For objective-minded individuals, anyway.


2 Responses to “Rethinking Reality PART I”

  1. Eli Says:

    Darling C, I commend you for making efforts to straighten up and fly right, but….based on your timekeeping track record, well “murishinaide”. Anyway, isn’t all that falling asleep a hint that you need to get more sleep?
    XOXO, E

  2. Hina Says:

    Equal parts necessity and habit, I guess. Compared to a typically bumpy ride on the #1, Japanese buses are like heaven — clean, warm, and on time. During winter I consider them kotatsus on the move. So far this year I’ve never been late for my 1) writing gigs (interviews, etc.), 2) doctor’s appointments, and 3) movies.

    あたりまえだっつーの!! (> <;)  

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