September 12, 2006



Our family has adopted some furry friends — again!

Dad found them in an empty plot by our house, and Mom and I couldn’t help but bring them home. A macabre thunderstorm devastated our neighborhood soon after, which would have surely meant the end of these darling little things had they been left to their own defenses. Or lack thereof.

The kitties weigh an average of 390g, and they’re not even seeing properly yet. They wobble about in search of warmth and milk — which means me 🙂 and my mom. They cannot suckle on fake boobs (a.k.a. feeding bottles) yet — their jaws are too small — so we feed them with the tiniest plastic syringes.

They are three sisters. I honestly want them ALL, and name them Arashi, Fubuki, and Hyou. Storm, Blizzard, and Hail (also Leopard) respectively. Too harsh?

Only a day after we brought them home had my mom and I found out that one of our neigbors had actually abandoned these kittens, knowing full well that they will die. I have never met my neighbor, and that’s a very good thing. Apparently this heartless bitch (excuse my French) threw the kittens out of her shed, where a stray mother had taken abode to nurse her newborns. What right did she have to steal these kittens from their mother and leave them to die? The mother is probably still wandering in search of her babies. The babies suckle on my fingertips, looking for mother.

All that we humans can do now is to atone for another human’s sins by feeding milk through syringes and kissing them good night, every night for the rest of their precious little lives.


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