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Absolutely Fabulous

July 31, 2006

Nothing can bring me down for too long — not even lunatic spinsterhood — given my apartment, an engrossing novel, enchanting music, my bike, sunshine, and a park nearby. Later, under a gentle night sky, I had spread cheese, crackers, and a chilled bottle of white wine out on the balcony and had read from the flickering light of a Turkish candle holder.

A perfect Sunday — altogether a dream.

Throughout the day I was reminded of the most beautiful opening to any book I have read, written by James Salter in “A Sport and a Pastime”:

September. It seems these luminous days will never end.

— Only it is still July, and the glory will continue for at least another month or two. By the time September rolls in, I will have made myself a new, somewhat more solidified self.


It’s never too late to start the New Year.

January 23, 2006

It’s still January after all.

So I’m commemorating my (incorrigibly late) dawning of the New Year by starting a blog. The real test is how consistent and persistent I remain after the initial thrills of spilling my guts out in public.

I plan to write mostly in English, though I am prone to thinking in Japanese these days since I’m surrounded by not much else than the Japanese language. (Well, not true. I guess I do work at an international school full of gaijins.) So I guess that means I’ll write in both.