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Lines to Live By

May 23, 2006

I tend not to “understand” poems. I merely suffice to “feel” them.

Once in a while there comes an extremely precious poem and turns my life topsy-turvy. Their words have such power over me; they provide me with a new way of interpreting life. They forge a sort of a bridge between my life — my petty, undocumented life, and the rest of the lives out there that construe Life in General, with the common denominator being (for me) pain. Or, more accurately, memories of pain and how we overcame.

I have always loved Louise Gluck‘s award-winning collection, “The Wild Iris”; now I have found a gem in her later book, “Vita Nova.” That gem is titled “Unwritten Law.”

I’d hate to infringe on copyright laws, so it’s really best for you to buy the book and savor it on your own — but… Here’s a small portion of the lines I live by, lines I return to when I need my angry spirit to settle, like dregs, down to the very bottom of the wine bottle and remain there as crystalized truths:-

Interesting how we fall in love:
in my case, absolutely. Absolutely, and alas, often — …

… But in you I felt something beyond the archetype —
a true expansiveness, a buoyance and love of the earth
so utterly alien to my nature. To my credit
I blessed my good fortune in you.
Blessed it absolutely, in the manner of those years.
And you in your wisdom and cruelty
gradually taught me the meaningless of that term.


(Reproduced in part without permission)

Soon, my own Vita Nova will begin.


Waxing Poetic on Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2006

Why are folks so obssessed about giving out chocolates on Valentine’s Day to their loved ones, family, friends, co-workers, neigbors, roomies, ex-roomies, plain random joes and janes?

All we have to be obssessed about is that one person, 365 days a year.